American Military Medical Impression

Suggested Reading

The following book lists are recommended for additional information on World War II, Korea, and Vietnam Wars as it relates to Military Medicine.

Vietnam References:


Home Before Morning: The Story of an American Nurse in Vietnam.

Lynda Van Devanter, 2001, University of Mass Press

ISBN 1-55849-298-4


Visions of War, Dreams of Peace: Writings of Women in the Vietnam War

Edited by Lynda Van Devanter and Joan Furey. 1991, Warner Books

ISBN 0-446-39251-0


A Piece Of My Heart: Stories of Twenty Six American Women Who Served in Vietnam

Keith Walker, Forward by Martha Raye, 2nd Edition 1991, Presidio Press

ISBN 0-89141-617-X (Paperback)

ISBN 0-89141-241-7 (hardcover)


Angels in Vietnam: Women Who Served

Jan Hornung, 2002 Writers Club Press, iUniverse, Inc. (

ISBN 0-595-24090-9


*One of the contributors in this book, Diana Sebek, has several photo albums on , search under “MZDIANA111”. The photos show many of the people in her stories in the book.


A World Of Hurt: Between Innocence and Arrogance in Vietnam

Mary Reynolds Powell, RN; forward by Col. David Hackworth

2000, Greenleaf Enterprises,

ISBN 0-9665319-5-7


American Daughter Gone to War: On the front lines with an Army nurse in Vietnam

Winnie Smith, 1992 , Pocket Books/Simon and Schuster Inc.

ISBN 0-671-87048-3


Women At War: The Story of Fifty Military Nurses Who Served in Vietnam

Elizabeth Norman, 1990, University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN 0-8122-8249-3


Station Hospital Saigon: A Navy Nurse in Vietnam 1963-1964

LCDR Bobbi Hovis, NC, USN (Ret.), 1991, Naval Institute Press

ISBN 1-55750-376-1


Women in Vietnam – The Oral History

Ron Steinman, 2000, TV Books


Nurses in Vietnam – The Forgotten Veterans

Freedman and Rhoads, Texas Monthly Press

ISBN 0-87719-047-X